Welcome Fellow Grammer!

If you are reading this, a member from our group has analyzed your instagram presence and determined you have over 10,000 followers and/or have a very active audience. Therefore you are eligible to join our Elite GrindFace Instagram Engagement Group. Please follow the three steps below to get started.

How Does Our Engagement Group Work?

In our engagement group you post a link to your instagram content so it can be liked and commented on by the members of our group. The influence of our group members who like and comment on your content will increase the possibility of your content appearing in more activity feeds, resulting in a boost in your overall engagement and follower count.

Step 1

Download the Telegram app. This is where we all communicate as a group. Remember your telegram username.

Download Telegram Here

Step 2

Once you download telegram and make an account join these two groups within telegram:.

GrindFace 10K+ LINK UPLOAD Engagement Group

Support Chat Group

Step 3

After you complete steps one and two take a minute to familiarize yourself with both the Support Chat and the Link Upload groups. Read through the pinned message at the top of each group. There you will find info about the rules and engagement directions..

Official Rules

- NO X-Rated Images

– After posting your picture to this group you must like and leave comment on all photos posted in the last 24 hrs.

– Don’t abuse the system. You will get banned. Membership to this group is a privilege not a right.

– Follow back everyone in the group that engages with you photo. (Looks more legit and your IG score will improve)

- Check your instagram score HERE

- See which Influencers are following you HERE

Engagement Group