UBER Paid $100000 to hackers over personal data breech

On Tuesday it was reported by various news outlets that UBER had been hacked. The hacker’s accessed 57 million user’s personal information including names, email addresses, and phone numbers as well as the licenses of 600000 drivers in the United States.

Yesterday it was reported by CNN that UBER reportedly paid $100000 to the hackers last year which is when the attack happened and was covered up by the company until this Tuesday.

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The attack was reportedly committed by two individuals outside of the company.

Khosrowshahi, who became CEO in August, said he launched an investigation into why the company did not alert authorities or affected individuals. He said, “Two of the individuals who led the response to this incident is no longer with the company.” Khosrowshahi said the company is now notifying regulatory authorities.-CNN

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According to UBER, the hackers did not get ahold of credit card numbers, social security numbers, or date of birth, however, UBER was fined $9 million for “background check issues” in Colorado.

“If U.K. citizens were affected then we should have been notified so that we could assess and verify the impact on people whose data was exposed,” said James Dipple-Johnstone of the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office.-CNN

Khosrowshahi said his priorities were to meet with the leadership team and fill the many management holes. Uber currently has vacancies for several key positions including a CFO (officially), chief operating officer, chief marketing officer, general counsel and senior vice-president of engineering.-The Guardian

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