3-D printed hand-gun blueprint ready for download

July 31, 2018 Felecia Bhangu 0

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, in announcing the lawsuit, said that Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia had signed on. “These downloadable guns are unregistered and […]



July 27, 2018 Felecia Bhangu 0

#LunarEclipse What's the other shining bright star?Is it the sun?? pic.twitter.com/h61CUz7owt — Ntuthuko Sambo (@sambo_ntuthuko) July 27, 2018 Almost there #LunarEclipse pic.twitter.com/BKycmXKkLE — Bianca (@_BiancaPillay) July 27, 2018 What’s a blood Moon? How does the […]



July 20, 2018 Felecia Bhangu 0

He deserves to be the PM of India for next 25years atleast..No match for his spirit and Dedication to serve the Nation !#IndiaTrustsModi — Dr.Mamta Singh (@savitrimamta) July 20, 2018 If a person can speak […]


French Protests turn Violent

July 19, 2018 Felecia Bhangu 0

Emmanuel Macron's assistant chief of staff Alexandre Benalla has been caught impersonating a riot cop on May 1st and beating up a protester. Mental. pic.twitter.com/I2L4kcY9Dw — Ronan Burtenshaw (@ronanburtenshaw) July 19, 2018 An aide of […]