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A Case of Defamation: A Mcgill Professor is suing the school and a student for $600,000

A McGill University professor has filed a $600,000 lawsuit against a student and a fellow professor for what he calls a “ruthless campaign” that destroyed his reputation and his right to privacy.

Ibrahim, an assistant professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies, believes his reputation and job prospects have been destroyed. (McGill University)

In a court filing obtained by CBC News, Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim, an assistant professor in the Institute for Islamic Studies, says the allegations have made him a “pariah” in his academic field, ruining his job prospects at McGill and other universities in North America.

Ibrahim, who specializes in Islamic law, says he engaged in a consensual relationship with a McGill student between the spring of 2014 and April 2015.

He says after the relationship ended, rumours about his alleged behaviour spread. Nearly a year later, the lawsuit claims Ibrahim became aware that students were organizing so he would not get tenure.

The lawsuit alleges student Sarah Abdelshamy and assistant professor Pasha Khan, who also works at the Institute of Islamic Studies, had a “vendetta” against him, and were behind a “smear campaign” to have him fired.

Ibrahim is suing Abdelshamy and Khan for defamation.

“He is now considered a sexual abuser, a harasser, a rapist and a shady individual when, in fact, all he ever did was have a consensual relationship with a student,” the lawsuit says.-CBC

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