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Bollywood Star Shashi Kapoor dies at 79

Bollywood star Shashi Kapoor passed away at age 79. Shashi was an Indian film director, actor, and producer. Kapoor was a member of the Hindi film dynasty and was born in Calcutta.

Having married actor Jennifer Kendal in 1958, Kapoor became part of the Merchant Ivory stable of English-language films set in India, starring opposite Kendal in Bombay Talkie (1970) and Merchant Ivory’s 1982 hit Heat and Dust. He also appeared with his sister-in-law Felicity Kendal in 1965’s Shakespeare Wallah.-The Guardian

Kapoor in Heat and Dust.

He won several national film awards and was awarded the Padma Bhushan civilian honour by the Indian government in 2011. He also acted in a number of British and American films.-BBC

Kapoor was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai complaining of a chest infection on December 3rd. Kapoor reportedly died of prolonged liver cirrhosis.

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Liver cirrhosis involves a fluid buildup in the abdomen and scar tissue is present in the liver which can lead to death if left untreated for a prolonged period of time. Cirrhosis is most commonly caused by hepatitis B or C as well as alcohol.

“Yes he has passed away. He had kidney problem since several years. He was on dialysis for several years,” his nephew, actor Randhir Kapoor, told Press Trust of India. The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning, he said.-BBC

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