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I'm seeing #facebookdown trend I personally didnt know that as I vowed to STOP using Facebook due to its role in spreading Russia propaganda — Jonathan Jewel (@jonathanjewel) August 3, 2018 Facebook is down, so […]


3-D printed hand-gun blueprint ready for download

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Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, in announcing the lawsuit, said that Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia had signed on. “These downloadable guns are unregistered and […]



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#LunarEclipse What's the other shining bright star?Is it the sun?? pic.twitter.com/h61CUz7owt — Ntuthuko Sambo (@sambo_ntuthuko) July 27, 2018 Almost there #LunarEclipse pic.twitter.com/BKycmXKkLE — Bianca (@_BiancaPillay) July 27, 2018 What’s a blood Moon? How does the […]



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He deserves to be the PM of India for next 25years atleast..No match for his spirit and Dedication to serve the Nation !#IndiaTrustsModi — Dr.Mamta Singh (@savitrimamta) July 20, 2018 If a person can speak […]



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Exclusive footage of me leaving work for the weekend.#FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/Q8eYRJBp3Z — Paul Bronks (@BoringEnormous) June 29, 2018 Its past noon! Just woke up! Overslept AGAIN -was binge watching Star Trek TOS last night. Missed National […]


Justice Kennedy Retires at 81

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US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is to retire, giving President Donald Trump the chance to cement a conservative majority on the top court. The conservative has sided with liberals on many decisions including the […]