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#ElectionResuts Pakistan: Over a dozen people killed outside polling station

Journalists said in years of covering Pakistani elections, it was unprecedented that only 20 percent election results had come in by 1am, writes Mehreen Zahra-Malik.

“I’ve been covering elections for over twenty-five years and this is the first time that it is one in the morning and until now we barely have 20 percent of the results,” Geo News’ Hamid Mir said. “Why are the results so late? The election commission has to answer for this. This is really alarming.”

All major political parties other than Imran Khan’s PTI have alleged rigging, including saying polling agents, party volunteers who monitor the count, were forced out of polling stations before a final tally has been reached, leaving soldiers and other officials to potentially tamper with the vote. About 371,388 soldiers, five times more than during the 2013 elections, were ordered deployed by the election commission to protect and facilitate Wednesday’s polls.-TheGuardian


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