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Ethiopia declares state of emergency

Ethiopia declared a national state of emergency today after the resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

The prime minister has been in power since 2012 before he resigned on Thursday the 15th of February 2018. Last year there was a similar state of emergency declared because of the contant street protests that leave civilians like children and the elderly deffenceless and easily targerted in the peaceful and also violent protests that are a result of hundreds of prisoners being released onto the general population.

Protest against the Ethiopian government in Bishoftu on October 1, 2017

Ethiopia has been rocked by months of protests demanding wider freedoms that have left hundreds dead and tens of thousands detained. The government in recent weeks released more than 6,500 detained opposition figures, journalists and others after the prime minister in a surprise announcement in January said he wanted to “widen the democratic space for all.” -The Independent

The independent is calling the crisis “the worst anti government protest in 25 years;”  in which it also sites the prime minister is trying to remove himself from the problem in order to be apart of the solution.

Ethiopia's prime minister resigned on Thursday amid widespread public protests [Tiksa Negeri/Daylife]

Ethiopia’s government has long been accused of arresting critical journalists and opposition leaders. Rights organisations and opposition groups have called for their release, saying they were arrested on trumped-up charges and punished for their points of view -BBC

“I see my resignation as vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy,” -Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn 

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