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G7 2018 Roundup

US President Donald Trump has continued his personal attacks against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, tweeting that he “acts hurt when called out”.

Germany’s Angela Merkel said Mr Trump’s decision to reject a joint communique was “sobering” and “depressing”.

That statement had sought to overcome deep disagreements, notably over trade.-BBC

Mr Trump posted a string of tweets attacking the Canadian prime minister’s personality just hours after leaving the divisive meeting in Quebec.

“[He] acted so meek and mild,” he said. “Very dishonest and weak.”

Mr Trudeau has vowed retaliatory action next month over US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

The tweets Mr Trump posted after the G7 contained direct attacks on the Canadian PM.-BBC

With diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Canada rocked by recent comments about trade by President Donald Trump and his advisers, some Americans are finding ways to acknowledge Canada’s other exports in popular culture.

From Neil Young and Joni Mitchell to poutine and northern hospitality, many of Canada’s internationally known trademarks became fodder for compliments on social media using the hashtags, #ThankCanada and #ThanksCanada.-CBC

Robert De Niro, fresh off the Tony Awards stage where he verbally attacked the U.S. president, is now apologizing for Donald Trump’s behaviour following the G7 summit.

De Niro, speaking Monday in downtown Toronto where he’s launching a major development alongside celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, called Trump’s behaviour “a disgrace.”

“I just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president,” De Niro said, winning big cheers from the dozens who turned up for the groundbreaking ceremony.-CBC

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