Are You Wearing GrindFace Apparel?

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GrindFace Apparel

is a clothing brand that represents many facets of life. The word grind means the dedication and perseverance that an individual has to achieve their goals in life. To wake up everyday and work hard to accomplish your objective is the definition of GrindFace. As in life there are many forms of Grinders, from students, inspiring rappers, lawyers, doctors, pastors, athletes, to an everyday 9 to 5 employee trying to secure their future. So take your game face off and put your GrindFace on.

You can put your "Game Face" on, but we're going to put our "Grind Face" on. Grinding 24/7 365 its a Life Style

GrindFace is a Mindset that creates Motivation and Productivity in the World of Business, Education, Sports or just in everyday Life.

Our Lasted Designs

We have plenty of colors and much more designs. Our store is updated weekly with new styles and new colors.

The "Keep the Grind Alive" t-shirt represents the person who will never quit, no matter what obstacles they come across they dig deep and persevere.

The "GrindFace Snake" t-shirt represents acknowledgement of those with hidden agendas. No matter how loyal and genuine to others you are, there will always be a person that wants to see you fail. It is imperative to know your friends but to also identify your enemies.

The "Rise 2 Grind" T-shirt represents the individuals that wake up every morning ready to grind. Through hard work, motivation, and dedication anyone with a GrindFace Mindset will be determined to accomplish their goals. When you have your GrindFace on you're on a one way road to success!