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Is United States leading an all out trade war?

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“These so-called ‘flexible tariffs’ are a marriage of two lethal poisons to economic growth — protectionism and uncertainty,” the Arizona lawmaker said in a statement. “Trade wars are not won, they are only lost. Congress cannot be complicit as the administration courts economic disaster.”-Sen. Jeff Flake

But the tariffs, which are being enacted under section 232 of the little used Trade Expansion Act of 1962, will exempt both metals coming from Canada and Mexico on national security grounds — at least initially.-CBC

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“President Trump wants to put China on notice for their abusive trade practices that hurt American workers and industries. I support that. The sweeping tariffs announced today are like dropping a bomb on a flea. Launching an all-out trade war will alienate the allies we need to actually solve the problem of steel dumping, and could have huge unintended consequences for American manufacturers who depend on imported materials.”- Sen Whip Dick Durbin

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“I am pleased that the President has listened to those who share my concerns and included an exemption for some American allies, but it should go further,” Ryan said. “We will continue to urge the administration to narrow this policy so that it is focused only on those countries and practices that violate trade law.”– Sen Paul Ryan

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