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John Chapman receives a medal of honor for giving his life in Afghanistan in 2002

Trump presented the award to Chapman’s family Wednesday. Chapman was the first airman to receive the award since the Vietnam War, officials said. The sergeant was a native of Windsor Locks, Conn., and the father of two young girls.

Trump said at the ceremony that Chapman, from an early age — his life was about: “to protect those in need.” The president said it began early when he protected a kid being bullied in kindergarten, setting the path of his life.

Trump said Chapman volunteered for Afghanistan after 9/11, telling his superior, “‘I need to go.’”-FOX

Amid a White House reeling from Tuesday’s bombshell courtroom dramas of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump turned his attention to his role as commander in chief Wednesday afternoon, presenting the Medal of Honor to Tech. Sgt. John Chapman.

Chapman, a member of the US Air Force, received the Medal of Honor posthumously for “extraordinary heroism” in March 2002 during the Battle of Takur Ghar in Afghanistan, per the Air Force official website.
Trump called Chapman a “great warrior” as he told attendees about the airman’s efforts in the battle.
After his aircraft came under enemy fire, a teammate was ejected and the helicopter crash-landed, Chapman and his team members returned to Takur Ghar mountain to rescue their teammate.
At 10,000 feet, Chapman “charged into the enemy fire through harrowing conditions, seized an enemy bunker and killed its enemy occupants. He then moved from cover to engage a machine gun firing on his team from a second bunker. While engaging in this position, he was severely wounded by enemy gunfire. Despite severe wounds, he continued to fight relentlessly, sustaining a violent engagement with multiple enemy personnel before paying the ultimate sacrifice,” according to a statement from the White House.
“As John fired on the second bunker he was shot and fell to the ground and lost consciousness,” Trump said, noting that once Chapman regained consciousness, he continued to fight.”He really fought. Good genes, you have good genes,” he said as Chapman’s family looked on.
The President continued, “In his final act of supreme courage, John gave his life for his fellow warriors.”-CNN

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