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Katie Holmes for Vogue

“I’ve always loved Mickey Mouse. I remember when that Disney store opened in the mall [when I was little],” she says. – Katie Holmes for Vogue

“We’re not at a time where [sustainability] sounds good, but at a time where we have to [care],” says Holmes. “It is scary, we don’t have a choice anymore.” Holmes also notes that she just directed two films back to back, and takes time to re-use the costumes. “I’m very detail-oriented. I love costumes so much, and I love that it reveals so much about the character,” she says. “I save a lot of costumes and the idea is to use it for the next thing.” -Katie Holmes for Vogue

“I like the fantasy of the woman who can hold that bag; who has the sophistication to hold it. I admire that,” says Holmes. “I want to meet her!” At one point, her eyes dart to a bottom shelf where there is a plump little Bottega Veneta bag crafted completely out of verdant green rubber bands used for braces. “This is that downtown person who knows where every event and party is. I want to be friends with them,” says Holmes, who then turns to our photographer Aidan Doyle: a true It girl. “You’d have that bag!” Doyle agrees. -Katie Holmes for Vogue

“This is what the Vogue closets must be like 20 years ago!”

“I find it to be very thrilling to find something long ago that has the story attached to it,” says Holmes. We couldn’t agree more. -Katie Holmes for Vogue

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