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Maisie Williams A Vogue Article

“I was aware of the Sex Pistols and the punk movement’s impact at the time, but I didn’t realize how the fashion, music, and art all further triggered the movement,” says Williams. “It was just a real scene in London, and it was like a small group of people that created that revolution.” -Maisie Williams for Vogue

“What I love so much about Jordan was the way that she used clothing as a political statement,” says Williams

“Throughout my entire life, I’ve felt that the way that I look is different to the way that I am,” says Williams. “People think I’m smaller personality-wise based on my exterior—but with Jordan, she had such a grand exterior, and with such nuance behind that.” -Maisie Williams for Vogue
“It took many hands to get the wardrobe correct,” says Williams of her character’s look. “It was really exciting to me—every day was like dress-up, getting locked into these rubber outfits and materials that I’ve never worn before. It felt like I was becoming someone new.” -Maisie Williams for Vogue
“The way the sequins fall is so effortless,” says Williams. “In theory, it was like wearing a string top, but because of the way the sequins fall, you get the illusion that it’s a completely covered bodice. I had to be mindful of nipple slips—but it was also very on theme!” -Maisie Williams for Vogue
“I think it’s going to capture a completely new audience that doesn’t know about the Pistols,” she says. “I’m also excited to see how it’s going to influence the fashion and beauty community, and the content creators.” There will be no R&R for her, either: Williams is already onto the next project, and it’s equally as fashion-focused. ‘“I’m in Paris shooting a TV show about Christian Dior and Coco Chanel,” she teases. We’re already hooked—and ready for her next transformation. -Maisie Williams for Vogue

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