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North Korea Launches Second Missile Over Japan

North Korea fired a ballistic missile early this morning; making this test its second launch since August 29, 2017. The missile was launched at around 7 a.m. and flew over the Island of Hokkaido located in Japan.

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According to CNN, the missile flew about 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) and reached an altitude of 770 kilometers (480 miles) before landing in the Pacific Ocean. Guam is 3,380 kilometers (2,100 miles) from North Korea.

Although the North Korean government has yet to release a statement, heads of government of different countries around the world including The United States and China, have already begun scheduling meetings to discuss the implications of North Korea continuing its missiles program despite there being various sanctions from the UN Security Council.

Video shows Matt Galat, an American living in Hokkaido, Japan, describe the situation after North Korea launched a missile over Japanese airspace for the second time in a month. Japan's public broadcasting network NHK reported that the missile passed over Japanese airspace near Hokkaido, the same prefecture under which a KN-17 intermediate-range missile travelled on August 28, and ultimately landed in the Pacific Ocean. #hokkaido #japan #northkorea #missile #sirens

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There is also the disarmament treaty which holds much importance when looking at North Korea as a developing nuclear nation.

The Treaty specifically states that:

Considering the devastation that would be visited upon all mankind by a nuclear war and the consequent need to make every effort to avert the danger of such a war and to take measures to safeguard the security of peoples,

 Believing that the proliferation of nuclear weapons would seriously enhance the danger of nuclear war,

  Recalling the determination expressed by the Parties to the 1963 Treaty banning nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere, in outer space, and under water in its Preamble to seek to achieve the discontinuance of all test explosions of nuclear weapons for all time and to continue negotiations to this end. http://disarmament.un.org/treaties/t/npt/text

The tests are also significant because the missiles performed “better” this around as opposed to the first launch 2 weeks ago. Indicating that their missiles could potentially reach Guam which as mentioned before is 2100 miles away from North Korea. The missile landed 2300 miles from the test site.

Earlier this week it was reported that A North Korean state agency threatened to use nuclear weapons to “sink” Japan and reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness” over their support of the UN sanctions placed on North Korea based on the first missile strike. The sanctions banned their oil and textile imports which is an attempt at slowing down the production of these advanced missile programs.

The sanctions, which also make it illegal for foreign firms to form commercial agreements with North Korean organizations, were approved by all 15 members of the Security Council, including China and Russia.

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