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Riots in South Africa Turn violent with up to 2 people reported dead

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A white woman has been jailed in South Africa for yelling racist abuse at a black police officer, in a case that laid bare attitudes that endure more than two decades after the end of apartheid.

In a ruling that lawyers believed to be the first prison term imposed in South Africa for verbal racial abuse, estate agent Vicki Momberg was sentenced to three years, with one year suspended, for directing offensive slurs at the officer. Previously people convicted of the same crime have been fined.-The Guardian

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President Ramaphosa

Tomorrow, 29 March 2018, Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant, and the Department’s Provincial Traffic Chief will be briefing the media on the 2018 Safely Home Provincial Easter Operational Plan.

The plan will outline the planned interventions, over this upcoming Easter weekend, geared towards improving safety on our roads for the thousands or motorists that will be travelling across the province over this infamously busy period.

Minister Grant and the Traffic Chief will be outlining key elements of the plan, while reflecting on lessons learnt from periods past.

As part of the launch, there will also be an enforcement operation conducted at the N7 Visserhoek Weighbridge.-Gov.Za

South Africa’s central bank cut interest rates to their lowest in two years, bolstering Africa’s most industrialised economy amid signs of confidence returning under Cyril Ramaphosa, the newly elected reformist president.-Financial Times


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Wayne McCurrie Fund Manager South Africa


“The Global Financial Crisis a decade back almost brought the world’s economy to a grinding halt,” he said. “We only really experienced the crisis as an ‘observer’ and were shielded to a large extent from the fallout.

“Make no mistake, if the world’s economy had collapsed (and this was a real possibility without decisive action), South Africa would have been sucked in,” he said.-BusinessTech.za

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