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Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know that he cares, really cares, about journalism.

“I view our responsibility in news as two things,” he said in a wide-ranging conversation with a small group of news editors and executives assembled in Palo Alto for a journalism gathering known as Off the Record on Tuesday afternoon. “One is making sure people can get trustworthy news.”

The other, he said, “is building common ground in society.” It turns out that “common ground” is suddenly Zuckerberg’s preferred euphemism. (That, and “community.”)

“You’re not going to be able to bridge common ground,” he said, unless you have a “common set of facts so that you can at least have a coherent debate.”-The Atlantic

“I do think that in general, within a news organization, there is an opinion,” he said. “I do think that a lot of what you all do, is have an opinion and have a view.”-Mark Zuckerberg

“I think that’s fair,” Zuckerberg said. In a newspaper, he continued, publishing opinions in close proximity to the news is “pretty dangerous.” Facebook, on the other hand, is surveying readers to determine which professional news organizations are broadly trustworthy.-The Atlantic

“So Facebook is a media company?” I asked him, as the conversation wound down. He chuckled. “That’s a real question,” I insisted. He laughed again.-The Atlantic

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