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Saudi Fashion Show Replaces Models with Drones

A fashion show case in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia made a major style statement this week when they sent drones to show their clothing instead of models.

Dresses fluttered in the air as they were displayed via drone, sans humans. In an interview with BBC Arabic, Ali Nabil Akbar, one of the organizers of the fashion event, said that the decision to use drones to show their wares was “suitable for the month of Ramadan” and was the result of much time and preparation.

This isn’t the first time that drones have made an appearance in the fashion arena either; earlier this year, in February, Dolce & Gabbana sent drones down the runway as a tech-savvy way to show off their new line of handbags.-Time

A spokesman for the Hilton’s events in Jeddah told CNN the display takes place at the hotel bazaar every year for Ramadan. The exhibition company decided to use drones this year instead of mannequins “to bring a change,” he added.-CNN


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