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Saudi Canada Feud – Good vs Evil?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia executed a man by crucifixion in the holy city of Mecca on Wednesday amid trying to attack Canada on its human-rights record.-Business Insider Saudi Arabia has executed a man from Myanmar by crucifixion, in which the condemned is beheaded before being put on display with their arms stretched out –…

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Canada signs Comprehensive Trade agreement Davos Trump and NAFTA

The World Economic forum (WEF) closed out yesterday in Davos-Klosters Switzerland. Prime Minister Trudeau was present for the conference and was positive that Canada’s decision to sign the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) without the United States would benefit the Canadian economy. The Agreement was signed on January 23rd, the opening day…

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Issues Emotional Apology to LGBTQ Community

On Tuesday Prime Minister Trudeau gave a heartfelt speech directed towards the LGBT community and the “collective shame” of the Canadian government and their past treatment of the widely marginalized LGBTQ community. The apology comes with $145 million, which includes $110 million for compensation for LGBT civil servants whose careers were sidelined or ended because of their sexuality,…

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World Children’s Day

World’s Children Day is today and is in celebration of the welfare of children around the world. Every Children’s Day is given a theme by UNICEF and 2017’s is #KidsTakeOver, with the fund encouraging young people across the world to step into their parents’ shoes and address the plight of those less fortunate from platforms they would…

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledges 200 Ground Troop at the 2017 Peacekeeping Conference/Angelina Jolie talks ending sexual violence

The 2017 Peacekeeping conference was held on November 14-15 at the Vancouver Convention Center, British Columbia. Prime Minister Trudeau welcomed over 500 delegates from 70 countries, with representation from the African Union, the European Union, NATO, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. A major component of the PeaceKeeping Treaty is the UN Peacekeeping Operations which include:…

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Autism Awareness Day Canada: October 25th

On October 18, 2017, the Senate of Canada launched the Autism Awareness Campaign. The month of October is Autism awareness month in Canada. At the 3rd session, this month Senate met to discuss the program which has been initiated in various forms for the past 10 years. “Honourable senators, 10 years ago, we spoke in…

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Thanksgiving and an end to Columbus Day?

columbus protest

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, similar to that of Columbus Day in the United States. Thanksgiving in Canada was originally a celebration of the Harvest and for many Canadians it still is. The Canadian landscape is filled with wide-ranging farmlands and wheat blowing in the wind. Canada has a large Catholic and Christian population and…

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4 Canadians among the Dead in Mass Shooting

The 2019 federal election in Canada is fast approaching. Prime Minister Trudeau has busy with his current press run but it’s almost a certainty it’s in the back of his mind. The Prime Minister has made commitments to the Canadian people that he knows he must uphold with re-election so close. For most liberals, the…

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Canada’s Countdown to Legalization

The legalization of marijuana in Canada may soon be a reality. Among other things, one of the attributes to Prime Minister Trudeau’s popularity with millennial voters was his promise to work towards legalizing and properly regulating cannabis use. As it stands the proposal set in place states the legal age to buy and consume cannabis…

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Canada and U.K Trade Talks Following Brexit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday to continue trade talks between the two countries as well as discussing women’s rights around the world. The two held a joint press conference in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, to discuss a bilateral trade deal. Last year the U.K voted…

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