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Targa 2018 Newfoundland

The annual Targa race started on September 13th  with their two-day driving school and runs to September 22nd. It was reported by CBC on Sunday that the race which is made up of most amateur drivers was stopped short when a car flipped during the race.

A team in Targa Newfoundland 2018 flipped their car during the first day of the auto race on Sunday.

A video posted to Facebook shows a vehicle rounding a corner in Flatrock, hitting the shoulder and flipping end over end before coming to rest on the roof. People run towards the car, waving down other cars coming around the corner.

A news release from Targa on Sunday referred to “an incident” that caused “a slight delay.”-CBC

Darren Brake and Angela Decker will team up for the 2018 Newfoundland Targa. Brake will be driving a 2017 Subaru WRXSTI with Gill playing the role of navigator in their rookie debut.

Darren Brake and Angela Gill of KSAB Racing in Corner Brook will be racing in Targa Newfoundland next month and with a win in the 2018 Tom Hollett Memorial Targa Bambina they’ll also race in 2019.

Brake and Gill were the overall winners of the Targa Bambina that took place in Marystown in June. They had the highest ranking in the modern all-wheel-drive class.-Telegram

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The course will no longer include High and Curia streets.

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