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TIFF 2018









An internet campaign to get Canadian actor Ryan Gosling to enjoy a cup of java at a local Toronto coffee shop has worked.

Grinder Coffee in the east end of the city has been trying for nine days to get Gosling to pop by their shop while he’s in town promoting his Neil Armstrong biopic “First Man” at the Toronto International Film Festival.

On Tuesday, the campaign’s efforts proved fruitful as the cafe posted a photo of store owner Joelle Murray hugging Gosling with the caption: “This happened…it worked.”-CTV






I have zero doubts about the first half of A Star Is Born — it couldn’t be more charming. It leaves all three previous versions in the dust in the meet-cute department, largely because Gaga manages to be fresher and more believably real than Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland (who looked dissipated), and — God help us — Barbra Streisand. And Cooper is delightful. -Vulture




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ONE of Olivia Munn’s co-stars has come to her defense after the actress was forced to do press for Predator alone following reports she had demanded a sex offender’s scenes be cut from the film.

Last week it emerged Munn discovered director Shane Black’s longtime friend and registered sex offender Steven Wilder Striegel had a small role in the film.

After getting his scenes cut, Munn claimed she had been made to feel like a criminal for raising the issue as Black and several other cast members dropped out of scheduled promotional appearances at the Toronto International Film Festival.-NEWS

Friends Justin Trudeau and Ryan Gosling.

What happens when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and movie star Ryan Gosling meet up at the Toronto International Film Festival? You get one of the most Canadian moments ever.

Gosling, who’s from London, Ont., attended a TIFF after-party celebrating the Canadian premiere of his film “First Man,” about the life and legacy of Neil Armstrong. The event took place at Spanish restaurant Patria on Monday night and was hosted by Nespresso and Audi Canada.

The prime minister attended a women’s summit earlier in the day, where he spoke about the #MeToo movement and fighting sexual harassment in the workplace. He then stopped by the TIFF party to support his friend Gosling, PR company The Mint Agency reports.-Huffington Post

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Image result for julia roberts tiff 2018

Santana said he’s gotten a lot of response over social media, adding he’s grateful for the kind words people have been sending his way.

“All these people keep sending me comments saying they are happy for me. Toronto has been so warm to me and so nice to me. I’m really grateful,” he said, adding it’s a memory he will never forget.

“She didn’t only just make my day. She made my entire life by doing so…dreams really do come true.”-CTV

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