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Two Killed and Several Taken to Hospital in Kentucky school shooting

Two killed a seven other people were taken to hospital after a deadly shooting at a high-school in Kentucky.

There are 19 individuals who are being treated or have been treated. 14 of the wounded individuals received treatment as a result of gunshot wounds while the rest was likely as a result of trying to escape gunfire. 2 students have been confirmed to have passed away, one at the scene a 15 year old female student and the second a male student of the same age passed away at the hospital.

“Respect the fact that these children belong to the community and specific families in this community. Some in this community will never fully heal.” –Matt Bevin

The Shooter, a 15 year old male was apprehend on the scene non-violently and used a hand-gun to commit the crime. According to police they were called to the scene around 7:57a.m and first responders arrived at 8:06 a.m. The quick response time may be attributed to the fact that this is the second shooting in the country and police have been training teachers and students within the area on how to react in these types of situations.

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