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Woman 29 weeks pregnant shot in her mother’s yard

Following an argument at a family BBQ three people were shot and two others were injured. The victims identified as 24 year old Buendia who was 29 weeks pregnant at the time, 24 year old Mariano Escareno, and Rafa Campos all of whom were related. The two other victims died on the scene however medical units were able to bring Buendia to the hospital to perform an emergency delivery of her daughter Rosalina. Buendia died shortly after the surgery.

Josh Tello has visited his daughter, Rosalina, in the hospital every day this week.”It really brought me joy and a little bit of comfort, knowing that Laura’s going to live on with our baby and she’s going to watch over us,” he said. He’s been visiting the hospital every day and brings Rosalina photos of her mother. Despite being 11 weeks premature, she’s doing well. She’s growing. Tello marvels over the tiny girl’s grip. He likes to hold her feet. They’re getting long, and she has so much hair — dark like her parents’! When she’s older, he’ll tell her of her mother. “How we started dating, how we started talking. She always loved to bake and to see other people smile. She was so sweet and kind. Family was everything to her, so I’m going to teach her the way of the family, too,” he said. -CNN

It began that night, more than 700 miles away in Chesterfield, Virginia. Gunshots erupted at a graduation party, killing a 20-year-old and wounding seven more, CNN affiliate WWBT reported. Over the next six hours, gunmen exacted four more mass shootings, CNN affiliates reported: 

  • A man, 31, was killed and three people were injured near an apartment complex in Omaha, Nebraska, KMTV reported;
  • A party bus was “ambushed” in Ecorse, Michigan, leaving five wounded, Ecorse police Deputy Chief Jerry Flowers told CNN;
  • Another graduation party was targeted in Socorro, Texas, injuring five teenagers, KVIA reported
  • A possible fight at a strip mall party in Phoenix, Arizona, led to gunfire, killing a 14-year-old girl and injuring eight others, KPHO reported. -CNN
Teresa and Laura Buendia

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