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Posts by Ken Williams

Michael ‘MVP’ Page shows disdain towards rival Paul Daley’s retirement: ‘I don’t care that he’s retired, I don’t respect anything he’s done in his past’.

Candid words by Michael Page. Michael ‘MVP’ Page is no stranger to being outspoken when it comes to his nemesis, Paul ‘SEMTEX’ Daley. Page, is apparently still not a fan despite Daley walking away from the cage for good. Page and Daley took part in one of Bellator’s fiercest rivalries, one that ultimately came to…

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Bellator 277: Corey Anderson vs. Vadim Nemkov accidental clash of the heads caused a No Contest which ended the fight abruptly.

Bellator 277: Corey Anderson vs. Vadim Nemkov. 4/15 in San Jose CA. brought out some powerhouses in the world of MMA. Bellator 277 had a match between Corey Anderson and Vadim Nemkov in which both fighters were able to showcase their fighting acumen. Nemkov has a detailed arsenal of fighting abilities, and his strong points…

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Tichina Arnold ignites Twitter debate after presenting a question about the ‘Emasculation Of Black Men.’

The Twitter uproar. The actress formerly known as ‘Pam’, on the late 90’s comedy show, ‘Martin’, took to Twitter with a question that raised many eye brows. * Honest Question: What can we as Black Women in America do, to stop aiding in the emasculation of Black men in America?” the 52-year-old actress tweeted. ( Many Black…

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‘Career is over’ words by Kanye West in the Kardashian Hulu trailer: Kim Kardashian says.

Drama hasn’t rested. Kim Kardashian, along with now, ex- husband, Kanye West , continue to be the epicenter of ‘Hollywood and relationship drama’. Kardashian has revealed that West continues to defame her work ethic and speaks negatively about her upcoming Hulu series, The Kardashians. West claims that her ‘career is over.’ The socialite star, narrates,…

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Cardi B addresses students throwing chairs at Teacher, caught on camera: ‘Kids this is not respected!’

A disturbed Cardi B addresses the situation in bold nature. March 10, the music- mogul, Cardi B, sent a forceful message to students from DeSoto ISD. The unruly students were captured on camera hurling a metal chair at a substitute teacher. The brazen and outspoken entertainer continued her sentiments with this statement via Twitter: “Disgusting…

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