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Meet Rising Recording Artist Prince Joseph SZN

A passionate upcoming artist coming outta Palmdale, California recently dropped a 13 song project titled “Rise Out The Gutter.” His mission statement as an artist is to be an inspiration and example for the younger generations, showing boys how to become better men. An artist who actually cares about making music with a message and meaning. One of his goals is to make a positive impact on the Mexican community in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. He says he an artist who came back from nothing into something, he says in a direct quote,

“I was in and out of jail during my young life. One day I picked myself up and got off the coke, pills and never looked back! It’s almost been 8 years since I turned my life around. God saved me but I had to do the ground work to get where I want, I graduated college to help the homeless and help resolve drug addiction in the world. I love what I do today! I’m a program coordinator for one of the biggest Rehabs in LA . I love making a change in these patients and sharing my story and watching them change their life. I love it but I had to go back to my roots and make music, this music game is so messed up and so is the world so I thought I give my shot to help make a change.”

Speaking with Joseph, he was saying he gets compared to Tupac & Nipsey Hussle. “Passion like Tupac to change the world but Prince Joseph SZN puts his wisdom and knowledge into his songs like Nip.”

If you’re interested in learning more and listening to his music, check out some of his top songs.

  1. You Get What You Give
  2. Mexican But Yes I Can
  3. For Once In My Life
  4. Mom I Remember
  5. Hate Me Or Love Me

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