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3 people killed in Amtrak Train Crash

A deadly Amtrak train collision happened on Monday resulting in the death of three people and injuring dozens of others. According to CNN the train was travelling to Chicago and got derailed in Missouri 100 miles northeast of Kansas City. The train had about 243 passengers on board when it had a head-on collision with…

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Woman 29 weeks pregnant shot in her mother’s yard

Following an argument at a family BBQ three people were shot and two others were injured. The victims identified as 24 year old Buendia who was 29 weeks pregnant at the time, 24 year old Mariano Escareno, and Rafa Campos all of whom were related. The two other victims died on the scene however medical…

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Maria Carver Arrested for Robbery and Kidnapping

A woman was traveling on 110th Street and Wilmington Avenue on June 1st, 2022 when she stopped due to a flat tire. When the woman exited her vehicle another woman entered her vehicle and drove off. When the victim called the police it was reveled that her child was in the back seat of the…

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Maisie Williams A Vogue Article

“I was aware of the Sex Pistols and the punk movement’s impact at the time, but I didn’t realize how the fashion, music, and art all further triggered the movement,” says Williams. “It was just a real scene in London, and it was like a small group of people that created that revolution.” -Maisie Williams…

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Flotus Jill Biden for Harpers Bazaar: A First Lady Undeterred

“Even as a Senate spouse, I was working, going to grad school, doing campaign events, raising kids,” she remembers. The pace is intense but not new. “Showing up matters,” she explains. “That’s the feeling I get. You’re exhausted. You just do it.” It’s a mantra that helps explain how a person who has recently returned…

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s Husband charged with DUI

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi was arrested in The Napa Valley California and charged with a DUI. According to TMZ Paul was arrested on Saturday night and charged with two misdemeanors; driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher. Bail was originally set at $5000 and…

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An Estimated 6 Tornados touch down in Texas

There are severe storms raging in Texas and Southern Carolina building from the weekend to early Tuesday Morning. According to a video provided by Good Morning America the storms produced massive Tornados that reached hundreds of feet up into the air. The tornado that touched down in Texas did not damage any buildings or injure…

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Shooting and Stabbing at Woodbine Beach and Ashbridges Bay Toronto

It’s the long weekend in Toronto and the weather is heating up; however, The Toronto Police are notifying residents of multiple incidents of violence at crowd gathering spaces, Woodbine beach and Ashbridges Bay. According to Police there was a stabbing a shooting and two reported robberies at gunpoint. The incidents happened on Sunday Night and…

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Fear not Operation Fly Formula has touched down in America.

The ongoing Baby formula Crisis in America has been pretty scary as children have been rushed to the hospital due to stomach poisoning as well as families having to ration their baby formula as shelves have been left bare. The Emergency sparked Operation Fly Formula that saw formula being flown in from Germany for children…

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