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Mackenzie Bezos to give half of her Amazon Fortune to Charity

London (CNN Business)MacKenzie Bezos has promised to give at least half of her fortune to charity, just months after finalizing her divorce from the world’s richest man. The newly minted billionaire has signed the Giving Pledge, which encourages the world’s richest people to dedicate a majority of their wealth to charitable causes, either during their…

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Rihanna Suing her father for using her brand name

Global superstar Rihanna, full name Robyn Rihanna Fenty, has filed a lawsuit against her father, Ronald Fenty, over the name of his entertainment company. Rihanna claims that his talent development company Fenty Entertainment, which was founded in 2017, breaches her trademark of the “Fenty” name. Despite it being the name he passed down to her, Fenty…

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos To Divorce his Wife Mackenzie Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are divorcing. The billionaire executive and his wife of 25 years announced the news Wednesday — three days before his 55th birthday — in a tweet signed by both of them. They have four children together. -CNBC Amazon’s chief Jeff Bezos is the first person with a net…

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Chinese Economy Slowing down India Taking over Iphone production?

Apple has had its first whiff of legal action over its shock revenue downgrade on Wednesday, with New York law firm Bernstein Liebhard trying to garner support for a class-action lawsuit on behalf of shareholders. In a press release on Wednesday, the law firm wrote: “Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a nationally acclaimed investor rights law firm,…

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Mark Cuban Sells Landmark Cinemas to Billionaire Charles Cohen

Landmark Theatres, the nation’s largest cinema chain devoted to independent films, switched hands on Tuesday, swapping one set of billionaire owners for another. Cohen Media Group, the production and distribution company backed by billionaire real estate mogul and longtime film patron Charles Cohen, bought the business from Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner. Financial terms were not disclosed. Cohen…

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Micheal Kors buy Versace Italy for $2.1Billion

Fashion company Michael Kors is buying Versace, the Italian luxury brand founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, for $2.12 billion. The two fashion houses made the announcement Tuesday, one day after speculation spread about a potential deal. Donatella Versace, the artistic director of the Milan-based fashion house who helped lead the company after her brother’s…

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Whatsapp leads to spike in Fake News linked to various Murders and at least one Suicide

A medical student killed himself after a WhatsApp message about a romance with a classmate was shared on social media, an inquest heard. Newport Coroner’s Court heard Edward Senior’s private message about the “brief relationship” was seen by hundreds of people. It led to Swansea University excluding him from lectures as a punishment. The “embarrassed”…

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Mark Zuckerberg Testifies on behalf of Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 Elections

This senator grilled Mark Zuckerberg with personal questions to prove a point about privacy pic.twitter.com/nuaBGeqpCq — NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 10, 2018 Mark Zuckerberg is now living out every young person's worst nightmare: trying to explain how tech stuff works to the nation's elderly — Robby Soave (@robbysoave) April 10, 2018 So to get things straight,…

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Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes To the Facebook Community

Zuckerberg addresses data scandal in Facebook post   1 Hour Ago | 07:14 Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence Wednesday on the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that’s plagued the social media giant in recent days and slashed stock value. “We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to…

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Pedestrian Struck By Self-Driving Uber

A woman was killed after being hit by a self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Arizona while crossing the street. It’s the first confirmed pedestrian death from a self-driving vehicle. Uber says it's suspended testing of self-driving cars in cities across the U.S. pic.twitter.com/a3jvvIZwo7 — AJ+ (@ajplus) March 19, 2018 Why on earth do we need…

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Boston Dynamics unveils new dog-like robot with AI Technology

Boston Dynamics robots can now hold the door for its friendshttps://t.co/9SnU4SjZp6 pic.twitter.com/N9SKOCOYol — The Verge (@verge) February 12, 2018 People of the internet, are you having zero trouble sleeping at night? Well…. Boston Dynamics have built a solution for that…. pic.twitter.com/SG1Nd1Ai6E — Prof. Vikas Shah MBE (@MrVikas) February 12, 2018 It appears that the dogs…

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