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GFTV on National News

November 30 2016, GrindFace TV posted the South Los Angeles Parking Lot Brawl video and it went viral. Which was picked up on every news outlet, causing the world to see it. Before WorldStar, we're the new entertainment tv.

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Our Growth

Our marketing strategies has helped us grow at a rapid pace. Reaching over 30 million and 15 million in post engagement on Facebook. Our number will continue to grow.

GFTV Media & Interviews

Our Media team will come out to your red carpet event and interview guest. Broadcast over our social medias for exposure.

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Our Purpose

We started GFTV November 2016 - Our mission is to build an audience for the local talent. We have built a team to research viral content in order to build a following so that we can support local talent and give them a platform where their hardwork can be displayed to the world.



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