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5 Tips to a Peaceful Life – Be Mindful

By: Dr. Saniyyah Mayo, LMFT

  1. Be mindful of What You Take In – Your mind can be the most empowering part or most detrimental part of your being. What we put in will come out in some form or another. If you listen to or watch things that impact you negatively, your mind will react to that. Before an act becomes action, it begins with a thought. Our thoughts are usually generated by something we have seen or heard. Therefore, we have to be mindful of the sights and sounds we allow to be downloaded into our mind.


  1. Know Who’s in Your Circle – What type of friends and/or people do you have around you? The company we keep matters whether we believe it or not. It is imperative to keep people around you that motivate you, inspire you, and uplift you. Positive conversations can go a long way, not just in our day, but in our lives.


  1. Keep Setting Goals – Setting goals is a way to avoid being bored, which leads to doing unhealthy things to fill the time. When you have goals you are always working towards something productive and positive. It keeps your mind on wanting to accomplish a task. We get gratification when we accomplish something that we have diligently worked toward.


  1. Try Something New – Doing the same things everyday can also lead to boredom. Many people become depressed because they feel like they are in a rat race. They go to work, go home, and the day starts over again. Trying new things takes you out of your comfort zone and allows the mind to experience something new and get you out of your rut.


  1. Do Things That You Love – Partake in the healthy things that bring you the most joy. For example, I am not writing this article for the pay, but first and foremost, because writing is one of the things I love. Utilize your passions to be your driving force for peace. Peace alleviates stress.



About Saniyyah Mayo

  Dr. Saniyyah Mayo is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Screenwriter. Dr. Mayo’s strong interest in the social sciences led her to pursue a B.A. in Criminal Justice, in the hopes of working with at-risk youth. Recognizing the importance of the family unit as both a cause of as well as potential solution for a range of recurring social and psychological problems, Dr. Mayo expanded her expertise by beginning graduate study in Clinical Psychology (with a focus on marriage and family therapy). She is the CEO and Founder of Girls Gossip and Women Network LLC. Dr. Mayo encourages others to identify and break generational cycles as she continues to set an example by applying it within her personal life.  Dr. Mayo is talented in many areas and inspires many with her gift of provoking thought to ultimately change the behaviors of people.

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