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Canadian “killer” nurse confession released

Elizabeth Wettlaufer, a former nurse who pleaded guilty to the murder of eight elderly patients, at a courthouse in Woodstock, Ontario

The handwritten confession of a Canadian killer nurse has been released as part of a public inquiry into long-term care homes for seniors.

The inquiry was launched by the province of Ontario following Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s conviction on eight counts of first degree murder.

Wettlaufer was arrested in October 2016 for a string of deaths in two nursing homes spanning several years.

Her victims were between the ages of 75 and 96 and were killed over 2007-14.

She was caught confessing her crimes to doctors after checking herself in for emergency psychiatric care.

In her confession, scrawled over four pages in sloppy cursive handwriting, Wettlaufer describes feeling deep anger at her victims, whom she injected with fatal doses of insulin.-BBC

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