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Free Cheers: Trump Declares the war on ISIS is over; Pulls troops out of Syria

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Washington (CNN)Seated at the head of his Situation Room conference table, President Donald Trump was adamant: American troops must come home from Syria. He had just announced as much to a crowd in Ohio. The assembled military and national security advisers told him the move was rash and unwise. So he gave them six months.Eight months later, planning for the withdrawal is now underway — against the advice of those same officials, who warned in April that Russia and Iran would gain stronger footholds in Syria when the US presence there evaporates.On Capitol Hill, even some of Trump’s GOP allies were warning of a grave mistake. -CNN 

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed US President Donald Trump‘s decision to send troops home from Syria after declaring victory over the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS). 
“The fact that the US has decided to withdraw its troops is right,” Putin told a press conference on Thursday.
Trump announced on Wednesday that all US troops would be withdrawn from Syria and that ISIL had been “defeated”. -AlJazeera

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