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Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic announce $450,000 tickets to Space

Richard Branson announced earlier this week that his aerospace company would start to sell commercial tickets to space. The announcement led to a 30% surge in share prices as investors are looking to cash in on what is supposed to be the first ever commercial space flights. Back in July 2021 Richard Branson took his first space flight on his Virgin Galactic Spaceship which was thrilling and exciting to watch; One can only imagine what it must have felt like to actually experience space without the years of school and avid training that it would take a traditional astronaut.

The VSS Unity vessel reached a peak altitude of about 85km (53 miles), beyond the boundary of space according to the United States, allowing the passengers to experience weightlessness and admire the Earth’s curvature. -Al Jazeera

The trip to space will last about 90 minutes in a spaceship that will be attached to a mothership. The ride is advertised to be “calm and enjoyable” as was seen in the first test flight that was carried out by the billionaire Branson himself. The spaceship can carry 4 passengers in zero gravity at 2.6k speeds. The ship will climb to an altitude of 50,000 feet and will then be released form the mother ship which can only be described as the drop after a roller caster has reached its peak.

Passengers will be able to unbuckle in order to enjoy zero gravity, the space ship boasts 17 windows for your viewing pleasure. The reentry back into Earth’s gravity plans to be smooth and uneventful as the ship is designed for optimal exits and re-entry into our atmosphere.

Virgin will also be selling an exclusive “Astronaut Edition” Range rover that will commemorate the trip. Atlas there will be some training involved as in any dangerous endeavor that requires some skill. Virgin will offer a training program as part of the price of admission that will prepare you for this and future space flights.

You will also receive exclusive space gear that includes their signature under armor spacesuit and boots, and other gear that will be revealed once training has commenced.

Your Under Armour spacewear system is designed for ultimate comfort and mauverability during weightlessness. -Virgin Galactic

Virgin announced they would be selling 1000 tickets which would result in a profit of $450,000000. The launch will happen at Virgin’s New Mexico space station. Virgin plans on selling the tickets through the summer which would result in a launch later this year maybe in the fall or end of summer. Richard Branson was worth an estimated $5.4 billion at the start of the year however the company has experienced a $425 million debt offering at the start of the week. With the announcement investors who were promised a $500 million offering, see this as a perfect time to reinvest as the company will certainly attract new investors who are looking to cash in on these historic events.

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